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82 Office Assistant 97

By using Microsoft Agent technology, application developers can create an assistant similar to Office 97 Assistant for their applications
83 Outlook Assistant

84 Personal Assistant

85 PetAgent

PetAgent controls a Microsoft Agent Character to perform tasks for you.
86 Pomp Point

Pomp Point is a group of HTML templates that can be used to build online presentations with Agent technology.
87 PopAgent

 new way to notify you of New Mail!
88 powerActor2000

powerActor 2000 allows seamless integration of MS Agent animated characters into MS PowerPoint 2000® slide shows.
89 Premo Web Talkster

This software application gives you the option of having the browser "talk" the text content of a web page by means of one of many available animated characters to choose from, after clicking the "speak" button.
90 Presentation Assistant for MS PowerPoint

Your Presentation Assistant will help you with your presentation by breaking the ice with a joke, driving home important points, and making your presentation one to remember.
91 Presentation Narrator for PowerPoint 2000

Presentation Narrator for Microsoft Agent is a Microsoft® PowerPoint 2000 presentation enhanced with animated characters. It utilizes Microsoft Agent services, and can audibly narrate and automatically advance through each slide.
92 Presentation Narrator for PowerPoint 97

Presentation Narrator for Microsoft Agent is a Microsoft® PowerPoint 97 presentation enhanced with animated characters. It utilizes Microsoft Agent services, and can audibly narrate and automatically advance through each slide.
93 Read Plus

Read Plus converts computer data into voice and gives natural audio output through speakers, with the help of different funny animated characters.
94 Rhythmic Typing

A program for training children's typing skills. Based on principles of child development. Focuses on children's individual learning styles. Predefined and user defined lessons for full integration into the student's curriculum.
95 SafeNetClub

A safe (filtered) website for surfing the web with assistance from some Agent characters.
96 Screen Angel

An angel flies around your screen and quote the bible (optional) randomly throughout your day. Also, allows full search of the King James Bible (included).
97 Script Generator for Agent Saver

Agent Screen Saver Script Generator is a point and click interface for creating Agent Screen Saver scripts.
98 Secretarease

An electronic secretary (MSAgent) that willl manage your appointments, address book, and provide you with an graphiclly-editable calendar. It even allows you to connect to other secretaries and see (when allowed) other address books, appointments, etc. The secretaries will talk to you and you can talk to them (microphone necessary). Secretarease is completely free.
99 Smoozer

Smoozer allow users to chat over the internet using animated characters (Microsoft Agents).
100 SnapTask

snapTask is a Microsoft Agent enabled reminder program. By utilizing Microsoft Agent Technology, snapTask presents a user interface that's fun as well as functional. Setup your computer to remind you of important events like birthdays, monthly or weekly meetings, etc
101 Sound-Proof 2000

This application is an Excel add-in that uses Microsoft Agent technology to read the contents of selected cells.
102 Speak

Speak will make your computer even more helpful and entertaining than ever. Speak will use Microsoft Agent Animated Characters to read your text for you.
103 Speak & Mail

104 Speak & Mail 2000

Speak & Mail 2000 will notify you when new mail arrives by reading the message header and contents according to your preferences.
105 Speak Lite

106 Speak!

Have your new messages announced automatically with the MS Agent Technology characters.
107 Speaking Calendar

Speaking Calendar is a desktop calendar/appointment manager that has uses Microsoft Agent characters to announce and speak your appointments, alarms and the current date.
108 Speaking Clock Deluxe

Enables your computer to speak the time outload, as well as functions for alarms and more. Highly multi-lingual!
109 Speaking E-Mail Deluxe

Speaking Email Deluxe uses Microsoft Agent characters to read your email messages. Primarily an email notification utility, it also reads header and message content and allows you to send speaking (or non-speaking) email messages and attachments to your friends and family. (Recipients of speaking messages must have MS Agent installed.) You can use it to monitor up to 99 email accounts, load it automatically with Windows, and determine the interval at which it checks for new messages. You can also use it to read other text entries and Clipboard content and launch your favourite full-featured email client. You can have your PC clock set via the Internet too. Speaking Email Deluxe is easy to use and an especially valuable tool for the visually impaired.
110 SpeakIt!

A utility that not only can read and speak any web page or highlighted portion as well as present Microsoft Agent presentations without using ANY VBScript or JavaScript. Also, its FREE.
111 Special Agent 1.5

Based on the Clarion Programming Language, Special Agent makes use of the Microsoft Agent OCX to run a sequence of events. It can demo your program to your user or use it for help routines to show your user how to do things!
112 Stauri Orataur by Victauri LLC

Stauri Orataur is a simple but effective knowledge bot. Ask it a question and it will supply a straightforward answer. No long lists of web addresses and no tedious secondary search through hundreds of web pages returned by your initial question. Orataur uses Victauri's StauriT technology to filter structured sentences from ordinary web pages and return only those that are considered likely to be reasonable answers to your questions.
Rating: ++++
Type: Freeware

Downlaod URL:
113 Stauri Solo by Victauri LLC

This product is a complete solution for building intelligent interactive online agents for a variety of purposes. It enables you to deliver content in an interactive and intuitive way. Whether the content is for service, general information, education or training, using a StauriT Agent can make it easier and more fun for your audience to learn about any topic or get answers to their questions.
Rating: +++++
Type: Shareware

Download URL:
114 Super Spell Checker

Super Spell Checker utilizes Microsoft Agent and Word to offer you on-the-fly spell checking. Super Spell Checker lets you use a spell checker in applications which do not offer spell checking capability, such as ICQ, Mirc, and Notepad. In addition, the program can read and spell check any data copied to the Clipboard.
115 Surfie v1.0
description = Surf the Internet with power of speech. Use free web browser which has speech input and speech output capabilities. Read your web page as it loads. Navigate from one web page to other using voice commands. Uses MS Agent technology.
Rating: +++++
Type: Freeware

Download URL:
116 Surfmonkey

An application with an animated monkey who helps you surf the web safely!
117 Talking Box

This application uses Microsoft Agent Technology to read any text in any window by simply selecting the text you want to be read and copying it into clipboard.
118 Talking Buddy

TalkingBUDDY uses Microsoft Agent technology characters to automatically read all of your E-Mail, Letters, Documents, Instant Messages and Web Pages.
119 Talking Caller ID

Talking Caller ID is a shareware program that actually talks to you, telling you who is calling before you pick up the phone.
120 Talking E-Mail

E-man, E-woman and other Microsoft Agent Technology Characters, will read your incoming E-mail messages as they arrive.
121 Talking Mailbox

This is an e-mail client that uses Microsoft Agent Technology to checks new mail at an unlimited number of POP3 addresses. If new mail arrived, a Microsoft agent character will announce to you: "You've got mail!" and then continue to read your messages.
122 Talking PIM v1.0
Free Personal Information Manager with speech input and speech output using MS Agent technology. Manage Contacts, daily and monthly task, reminders, calendar, notes and other informations with easy to use interface and power of speech.
Rating: +++++
Type: Freeware
Downlaod URL:
123 Talking Stocks

Stockman will read your incoming stock quotes as they arrive.
124 Talking Translator 2.1

Talking Translator 2.1 is a small and easy to use Text To Speech Language Translator. It can Translate up to 150 English Words to 7 foreign languages and back. These Languages include French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. By utilizing MS Agent Technology it can also read the translation results.
Rating: +++++
Type: Freeware
TT got 5 out of 6 from 5 Stars from FileHungry This site has been referenced by agentland Rated 5 Stars from
125 TalkToMe

TalkToMe is a full-featured talking program that can read your E-Mail, AOL™ and ICQ™ Instant Messages, web pages, letters and documents, as well as send animated messages to friends and greet you daily with the date, time, and a personal message.
126 TalkyMail

127 Telephony Assistant for DialPad

128 Text Talkster

This application speaks the "clipboard" contents.
129 The Remind Me Center

130 Translation Assistant

131 Tray Helper 2.4

It's a small application that runs in your tray system clock, remind YOU about all YOUR meetings, important events, birthdays etc. check all YOUR e-mail accounts (up to 50 !) in background, auto-delete spam messages important messages can be forwarded to your mobile device. There is also a build in auto-responder. watch your browser's windows and kill all unwanted pop-ups
Plugins are also supported. plugins that are currently available to work with Tray Helper:
Small WWW server, Atom time clock synchronizer, Tasks, Notes, Pinger, Web Spy
Other features:
Tray Helper uses Microsoft Agent technology - it means that you can be notified about new mail, events ect. by cool, live and speaking characters.
Program also features multilingual interface and configuration backup/restore tool.

Rating: ++++
Type: Shareware $14.99

132 UK Speaking Clock

UK Speaking Clock uses one or two of the Microsoft Agent characters of your choice to announce the time and date, as well as to entertain you with onscreen antics. This versatile, easy-to-use app can automatically speak the time on demand or at specified intervals. Set up to 999 alarms (each of which can launch a program and announce a message) and run an unlimited number of stopwatch/countdown timers. Skin support lets you customize the clock's appearance, which can be digital or analog. Kids will enjoy the "Type and Speak" feature, where a character reads text entered into one of the program's settings windows. You'll also find a module to help children learn their multiplication tables, a talking calculator, a way to set your PC's time over the Internet, and the ability to read the Clipboard's contents.
133 Ultra Hal Assistant

Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary. He can remember and remind you of appointments. He can keep an address book. He can keep a phone book, and even dial phone numbers for you! Hal can also run programs and recent documents on command. Hal can help you browse the Internet. He will offer you help with most of your Windows programs.
134 Voice Clock

135 Vox Proxy

An add-in program for PowerPoint that employs talking animated characters.
136 Web Ultra Hal

137 WebScrapbook

138 WebTalkster4Lovers

This is a browser that talks the web page. The browser has an Valentine's day or "lovers" interface theme.
139 Who's Calling

140 Winamp Talking

This is a Winamp add-on that uses Microsoft Agent Technology making characters work like a radio-DJ, speaking each song title before playing
141 WorldTRAIN MS Agent Script Builder/Player

Microsoft Agent Script Player ActiveX Control lets you build and play scripts that automate the Microsoft Agent control. With the Microsoft Agent control, content must be hard-coded, making it difficult to provide data-driven and other custom Agent actions. With the script builder included in this download, you can create a script using a graphical user interface, without programming. You simply tell the Agent where to move, what to say, and what animations to perform. You can test your script as you build it. Once your script is done, you can load it into your application using the Microsoft Agent Script Player ActiveX Control. and script player control, This tool lets you build scripts that automate the Microsoft Agent control. You can play back the scripts with the Agent Script Player custom control (included).
142 Yahoo Agent

The Microsoft Agent front-end to the Yahoo search engine back-end.
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