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How can I install Microsoft Agent as part of my application or from my Web server?

You can install Agent from the Microsoft Web site by including its CLSID in an HTML Object tagyou want to . However, if include and install Agent from your own application installation program or from your own server, you must download the Microsoft Agent selfdownloading, choose the -installing cabinet file, by downloading it from the Downloads page. When browser's Save rather than Run optioninstall Microsoft Agent on the target . Whenever this file is run, it automatically will machine. Therefore you can specify the file in your installation script.

Note that to distribute Microsoft Agent in this way requires that you submit a distribution license agreement. For further information see the licensing page ( Further information is included in the license agreement about installation.

Do not attempt to install Microsoft Agent by copying its various .DLLs and attempting to register it yourself. Attempting to install Agent by any other means then executing its self-installing cabinet file is not supported.

The target system must also include recent versions of MSVCRT.DLL (VC++ runtime), REGSVR32.EXE (registration tool included with Microsoft VC++), and COM. The best way to ensure that the correct versions are installed is to require that Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or later is installed. However, you can also license these runtime requirements. (For the latest version of COM, access the DCOM update from the Microsoft Web site.)

Microsoft Agent 2.0 will not install on Microsoft Windows 2000, ME & XP since these version of the operating system already includes Agent.