Costas Andriotas animated MS Agent stationery. Updates, agent characters and Select box added by Grandpa Jim with newsgroup help.
This instruction box will not be visible to the recipient. Type your normal message outside (above or below) this box.
Make your selections by double clicking on the arrow .
Select how to start your agent:
Type the text the Agent should say in the box below . You can include animations and character commands by surrounding them with braces.
For example: [play "Wave"] or [moveto 100,200].The 1 space after play and moveto is needed.
You can insert speech output tags in the line of text. \Chr="whisper"\, \chr="Monotone"\ \Pit=50 to 400\,\Spd=50-250\,\pau=10-2550\,\Emp\, \map="\,\Rst\          Random select with |  \map="Hey look no balloons"=""\ Long wait \map="............"=""\
If yours or the recipient select agent character  do not have  the animations used your script will not play.
If you use only Move To  commands and inserted speech tags all characters in the character list will play.
You can also just enter plain text by itself without all this stuff if desired. You can Copy and Paste into the box also.
Show and Hide are added by this stationery.
Always preview your messages to see if they are coded properly.

   \Chr="Monotone"\\Map="\Pit=165\\Spd=120\Hel\Pit=165\\Spd=120\lo\Pit=185\\Spd=120\ a\Pit=147\\Spd=120\gain,\Pit=165\\Spd=120\ hel\Pit=139\\Spd=120\lo"="Hello again, hello"\
\Chr="Monotone"\\Map="\Pit=165\\Spd=120\Just\Pit=165\\Spd=120\ called\Pit=185\\Spd=120\ to\Pit=147\\Spd=120\ say\Pit=139\\Spd=120\ 'hel\Pit=139\\Spd=120\lo'"="Just called to say 'hello'"\

\pit=50\"Do you believe in ghosts?"\pit=150\ the boss said to his worker.

\pit=150\The worker thought it odd to be asked that question by his boss. He scratched his head and said, \pit=300\"Well, I suppose I do...maybe."

\pit=50\"I guess I do, too. Late yesterday, after you'd left to go to your uncle's funeral, he came in looking for you."
\Chr="Monotone"\\Map="\Pit=87\\Spd=120\Good\Pit=87\\Spd=120\bye,\Pit=117\\Spd=120\ my\Pit=117\\Spd=120\ friend,\Pit=98\\Spd=120\ good\Pit=87\\Spd=120\bye"="Goodbye, my friend, goodbye"\

Have fun with Microsoft Agent     
To stop a character right click the character and select Hide.
The selected Character must have all the animations used  before the script will play.

 Select a character you have in your character folder.
"Uses Microsoft Agent technology"